About Me

I have always been fascinated with Photography. There is something so special in having the ability to capture the moment in time on camera. We can relive those memories by simply looking at the pictures again and again.

My journey as a photographer started 14 years ago when I bought my first camera. I absolutely loved taking pictures of my friends and family, and all the different places I would travel to. It was so much fun! I have learned how to edit and retouch pictures too, and slowly but surely I started to develop my own style.

Having my main degree in “Music and Theatre” I never lacked creativity in my everyday life. There are always multiple projects that I’m a part of and my skills in photography and design are a very integral part of them.

I’m a real chameleon when it comes to styling the photoshoot. I’ve done so many creative sets over the years and still remember and cherish each one of them! If you like what you see here then just contact me so we can create something amazing together!

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