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To get the exact quote please get in touch to discuss the details of your project or idea, prices below are for your guidance only.


I can write custom songs tailored to your style and preferences, whether you need a song for a special occasion or a full album. I can work with you to develop lyrics, melodies, and arrangements that bring your vision to life.
Starting from £200

Composition for film, TV, and video games:

I can compose original music for film, TV, and video games that captures the mood and emotions of your project. From orchestral arrangements to electronic beats, I can create a soundscape that enhances the visuals and storyline.
Starting from £12 per minute

Music composition for personal needs:

I can compose custom music for your personal projects, whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a soundtrack for a personal video or slideshow. I can work with you to create music that fits the mood and tone of your project.
Starting from £30

Music composition in a fairytale style:

If you’re looking for ethereal and enchanting music to bring your fantasy-themed project to life, I can compose custom music in a fairytale style. From symphonic orchestration to folk-inspired melodies, I can create music that transports listeners to magical and mystical worlds as this is my speciality.
Starting from £75

Production and arrangement services:

I can produce and arrange your music to give it a professional sound and a polished finish. Whether you need help with mixing, mastering, or overall sound design, I can work with you to make your music sound the best it can be.
Starting from £63 per mix

Music consultancy services:

I can provide expert advice and guidance on various aspects of the music industry, from branding and marketing to distribution and promotion.

£35 per hour

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